Calderería Urretxu, S.L
Calderería Urretxu ofrece un servicio integral

Integral Service.

Design and Development:

Caldereria Urretxu, possesses a technical office for the design and project development in proportion to the client. Programs of drawing: Creo and SOLID EDGE.

Programas de dibujo: CREO y SOLID EDGE.

Court for laser:

Calderería Urretxu, possesses an own laser for internal and external cut. Thicknesses of court:

- up to 20mm in steel
- up to 8mm in stainless
- up to 5 mm in aluminium
Format: 3000*1500

Folded and curled:

Calderería Urretxu possesses several plegadoras electronicas and a plegadora paneladora to double skirt.


We have mounting blocks authorized to be able to produce qualit products in different materials, steel, stainless and aluminium.


Cabin of painting Designed to realize the works of sanded of pieces and for retouches of priming and funds. We are qualified. To do to the solvent and to the water.

SAT- Service of repair and maintenance:

Caldereria Urretxu has a service of repair and maintenance of components, such as telescopic, extractors, carenados, etc.

Adequacy of machines:

Nowadays the safety regulations demand to provide to the machines of safety components that protect the operative of possible accidents. Caldereria Urretxu offers the possibility of adapting his machines to the above mentioned requirements of safety and hygiene with projects personalized to his particular needs.

Assembly in destination (National and International):

We offer a service of after-sales of all the products that we make. There are realized assemblies of components of machines in destination, both national and international

Machine Tool.

carenados of safety, Extractors of shaving, Protections telescopics

Components machine tool

Integral Service.

  • - Design and Development.
  • - Weld.
  • - Painting.

Design and development, weld and painting


  • - Repair of extractors.
  • - Repair of telescopics.



  • - Machine tool.
  • - Railway.
  • - Wind, Hydraulic.


Pabellón Urretxu, 1. Sede central: Polígono Mugitegi, vial D, Nº 30,   20700 Urretxu (Guipúzcoa)   Tel: 943 73 16 15  Fax: 943 72 92 75  E-mail: