Calderería Urretxu, S.L
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Calderería Urretxu_

Calderería Urretxu, S.L. was founded by 8 partners in the year 1994. Little by little, it has been invested both in facilities and machinery and in personnel qualified up to coming to more than 40 operatives at present and counting with more of 3500m2 in facilities.

Our human equipment is composed by more than 40 professionals of different profiles, specialized in the production of metallic structures and with wide experience in the sector.

Nowadays Caldereria Urretxu is present on different markets and sectors, we are specialists in components of machine tool and also we work for companies of the railway sector, wind sector and general mechanics.

Caldereria Urretxu offers an integral service, from the engineering and the mechanical development up to the complete manufacture of a range of own products or the project formulation in proportion to the client. Since not, it delivers to domicile. All this rested on a complete technological equipment.

Machine Tool.

carenados of safety, Extractors of shaving, Protections telescopics

Components machine tool

Integral Service.

  • - Design and Development.
  • - Weld.
  • - Painting.

Design and development, weld and painting


  • - Repair of extractors.
  • - Repair of telescopics.



  • - Machine tool.
  • - Railway.
  • - Wind, Hydraulic.


Pabellón Urretxu, 1. Sede central: Polígono Mugitegi, vial D, Nº 30,   20700 Urretxu (Guipúzcoa)   Tel: 943 73 16 15  Fax: 943 72 92 75  E-mail: