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Carenados of safety.
Carenado de Seguridad

Products_Carenados of Safety.

In this one area Caldereria Urretxu's carenados directed the sector of the machine tool, are orientated to the fulfillment of the in force requirements as for safety and labor risks.

The engineering department analyzes the needs of every machine and executes the trustworthiest solution for every step in question, contributing his experience in this field and being adapted to the needs of the client the concept is a question to connect safety with the sense of the aesthetics, always with the conformity of the client.

We plan made-to-measure solutions for every case that like that needs it or develop from the design or sketch conceived by the own client.


Our technical department thanks to the experience acquired for years and by means of the most advanced average of software, realizes the necessary study to provide to the machine of the suitable design, integrating and harmonizing the different elements that compose it realizing an integral study for every case.

Using the most advanced technology, CU develops both the design and the production and the putting in project march basing basically on the following functions:

- Security and cleanliness: Protection of the operative of such possible accidents as atrapamientos and different blows. To keep the environment of work clean, avoiding spillages and projections of shavings

- Functionality, quality and aesthetics: Easy assembly and disassembly by means of modular systems, facility of access to the interior and resistance and permanence for the employment of materials of the first quality. To improve the functionality of the machine as well as his aesthetic concept. To assure the perfect and constant functioning of the machine.

Caldereria Urretxu makes carenados for all kinds of machines, wheels milling machines, rectificadoras etc.

Caldereria Urretxu's carenados are made by materials of the first quality and by means of processes of work that guarantee his reliability, quality and permanence. Caldereria Urretxu possesses the aptitude to manage a project from the beginning up to the putting in march of the same one where it is necessary.

The dimensions of the carenados and his components are designed depending on the needs and specifications of the machine in question. Doors of different types and dimensions, automatic with the elements necessary for his functioning and manuals, windows with acristalamiento or polycarbonates and other such necessary elements as mikes, engines, cylinders, closings, together, etc.

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Integral Service.

  • - Design and Development.
  • - Weld.
  • - Painting.

Design and development, weld and painting


  • - Repair of extractors.
  • - Repair of telescopics.



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  • - Railway.
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